Bucharest – a trip to the past

<<I would have loved to see more of this city, as it left me wanting for more – especially on the cultural side.  Bucharest might be a young city in age, but in “experience”, it can show and tell more than you would expect.>> This is what Norbert, from globotreks.com, has to say about his trip to Bucharest, Romania.

If we had to make a reference to the world of video games, Bucharest would be the “advanced” or “veteran” area. No tutorials for beginners, no hop-on hop-off buses, no souvenir shops and no tourist information office. It’s almost like a treasure hunt that calls you to start an adventure to discover its hidden mysteries – an average, unimpressive city at a first glimpse, but full of the most amazing and magical places you will ever visit, if you wander away from your path to find its secrets.

Extravagant architecture, good art and palpable history are just a few words that describe the “Little Paris”, as it was once called.

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