Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan arrived in Bucharest on the 21st of march, including our capital city in “Once Upon a Dog Tour 2017”. Bucharest by Car greeted him on the airport for a safe and comfortable ride.  (Photo Gallery – HERE)

Cesar Millan is more than just a dog trainer, even though he became famous with the “Dog Whisperer” TV show. He worked with hundreds of animals and especially dogs, studied their specific behavior, and he helped a lot towards understanding and properly taking care of human’s best friends, as they’re called. He has supported the adoption of abandoned dogs for years, but also the inclusion in our lives of certain dog breeds that are often wrongly being considered dangerous, not because they really are, but because their owners use them for unethical, often even illegal purposes like fights or specifically training them to be aggressive towards humans for security and home guarding. He has proven to us all that all dogs deserve love and respect without hesitation, and he always shows his audience how to decipher animal emotions and behavior, so that they can receive the best care that they can get from their owners.

Cesar was smiling and energetic as always. It’s not easy for him to hold the tour, alternating between TV shows or autograph sessions, but he was really excited to come visit Bucharest. We were excited and honored as well to have such a world renowned star as our guest. We were happy to finally meet the “miracle man” who seems to know every secret of four little four-legged friends. “Thank you to everyone who came out. It was incredible to see the strength and energy in my global pack. Here’s to Dog Nation worldwide!”, Cesar Millan wrote  on his Facebook after visiting Bucharest, and we couldn’t agree more!