means of transportation

Since ancient times, man needed transport to survive and to secure his goods, food, and living conditions. The means of transportation have become a vital part of everyday life and have defined mankind over the millennia, basically putting the foundations of modern times and cities.

Permanent establishment in a certain area has immediately revealed its shortcomings: the continued exposure to the same dangers, the presence of outbreaks of infection or predators, the exhaustion of food or adverse weather conditions all have pushed man to the primordial need to be on the move, to seek food, safety and shelter.

Using animals at first as a way to move faster, people have soon realized that a wagon or a car were a bit more comfortable and safer, and freed both the animal and the rider of unnecessary inconvenience. They have evolved rapidly and have begun to be built increasingly complex, with roofs, decorations, or even luxurious amenities for aristocrats, being also used as mobile homes when it was needed. Soon, life was unimaginable without means of transportation – horses and carts were transporting people, food, goods, correspondence and more – the world was on the move.

The invention of the steam engine started the evolution of cars as we know them today – for the first time in history, animals and manual work could be replaced by machines that did the job faster, better and did not need breaks, sleep or food. The first motor wagons appeared, and with the advent of internal combustion engines, the road was opened to the production and mass usage of classic cars.

Although safety and comfort were far from being a concern on the list of vehicle manufacturers in the beginning, and many accessories that we now consider mandatory for any car at that time did not exist, the cars were slowly evolving into today’s technological masterpieces – air conditioning, central locking, heated seats, airbags, seat belts, anti-slip systems and many others, turned the car from a horse wagon to a modern day limousine.

At Bucharest by Car, we respect the need to be on the move, in safety and comfort, and we continue to contribute to the evolution of  mobility through the services that we offer and the attention to detail and customer requirements.